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10 Things Kardashians Banned From Their Home

10 Things Kardashians Banned From Their Home

Kardashians Banned these things from their home – find out what they are!

1. Black toilet paper?

Kris Jenner loves to decorate her house in neutral colours. Her favourite is black and it can be noticed, not just in the house but in the way she dresses as well. That even applies to – toilet paper.

Yes, you won’t be able to find white, plain toilet paper in her house. Instead, she uses black toilet paper. It’s just like the regular stuff we all use – just much more expensive.

2. No Microwaves

Kourtney Kardashian has completely banned microwaves from her house. It’s not about reheating food but she claims that food is better when heated on the stove or in a toaster oven.

3. Kardashians Banned Soda

Kardashians don’t have soda in the house. They want to set a good example for their children, so they tossed it out from their house completely.

4. Organic food only

Kourtney is the leading head of this rule but some of the sisters have problems keeping track of it. Khloe admitted that she believes her sister is right about it but it’s hard to always stay on track.

5. Activated Charcoal

The family promoted activated charcoal in food, drinks, masks and for whitening the teeth. However, sister Khloe just wasn’t convinced and is strictly against this trend. There is no scientific evidence behind charcoal doing anything good in the body. Instead, it is only used as a medicine in cases of digestive issues, food poisoning or overdose on medication.

6. Kardashians Banned Glitter wrapping paper

Khloe always has wrapping paper at her home for gifts – however, never the one with glitter. One year, she wrapped her brother’s present in glitter, which left a mess everywhere. Since then, no glitter wrapping paper has appeared in their home!

7. No bacon or coconut for Khloe

Khloe can’t stand pork. She is also severely allergic to coconut so she banned everything containing coconut from her home.

8. What Kyle and Kendall hate?

Kylie can’t stand chocolate cake! Yes, the favourite among so many people and probably the no. 1 dessert in the world. Kendall, following in similar footsteps, doesn’t like chocolate ice cream.

9. Kardashians Banned Jewellery

Kim doesn’t keep jewellery in her house since the time she was robbed. She keeps it in a safe deposit which makes it a bit inconvenient but it also makes her feel safe.

10. Ex Box?

Not the X box, but the Ex box. It is literally a box with stuff from her exes and letters describing how to move on and why they ended the relationship. If you don’t have as much money as some celebrities, you can take a look at apartments for sale in Marbella and live in one of the best areas of Spain.


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