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10 Weird Things We All Did as Kids

10 Weird Things We All Did as Kids

From all the Weird Things you did as a kid, what would you single out as the craziest? We bet you have an endless list of things you did when you were young that now seem so irrational. It might not be something as dangerous as jumping off the roof with a DIY parachute but we bet it’s pretty crazy! Let’s remember the most common ones!

1. Needle in finger

Sticking a needle through the skin of the finger for no reason. This was such a popular trend, it was done with pins, dividers and everything thin and sharp that was available to us.

2. Rulers

Looking through transparent rulers. This was especially run if the ruler was coloured, then we would feel just like we entered the matrix.

3. Colorful pens

Remember these pens? It would instantly make you a star of your class if you had one. Having one isn’t weird but the fact that all of us tried to push out all the pens at the same time. What were we thinking?

4. Poking erasers with pencils

Erasers, right? As soon as you take the eraser in your hands, you just feel like you need to do something with it. Why not poke holes in it with your pencil? Perfect!

5. Cold air

Pretending to be smoking when it’s cold outside was a huge trend. It was the ultimate sign of being a cool kid.

6. Hairclip on the mouth

Putting a hairclip on your mouth for no reason – who would forget that.

7. Magnets

Remember feeling like a superhero when trying to force magnets to touch?

8. Talking into the fan

This bad boy was not just keeping us cool in the summer. It was also here for the autotune. Some were robots, some were aliens but we’ve all enjoyed talking into the fan.

9. Raindrop race

Raindrop race – some of us even watch it to this day.

10. Shopping cart drift

The feeling you get when pushing a shopping cart around the corner.


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