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12 Wildest Bachelor Moments we’ll Never Forget

12 Wildest Bachelor Moments we’ll Never Forget

Let’s head back to those 12 Wildest Bachelor Moments. The fans of this franchise know that anything can happen inside of that infamous mansion. Broken hearts, shocking secrets, fights and tears, there is no end to the drama. However, these 12 moments are definitely in the top!

1. 12 Wildest Bachelor Moments – Jesse Palmer chose the wrong woman

The handsome football player got a bit confused during the rose ceremony and he called out the wrong name. He wanted direct win prediction and to give a rose to Karen Lindsay but instead, he called the name of Katie Gehart. He pulled the host aside to tell him that and Gehart got an option to stay because of this mistake.

2. Jason picks Melissa…then Molly?

Jason Mesnick chose the Melissa Rycroft and then on the special episode ‘After the Final Rose’ he revealed that he changed his mind. He broke up with Rycroft and then asked Molly Malaney if she wants to give him another try. She accepted and the couple is happily married since 2010.

3. Rozlyn Papa got sent home for having an affair with a member of staff

Everyone were shocked after they found out that Papa was having an affair with a show producer. The host Chris Harrison has confronted Papa about that and sent her home. The show producer was also fired.

Howver, Papa denied all allegations and later got into a serious argument with Harrison on ‘After the Final Rose’. She accused Harrison of flirting with the producer’s wife.

4. Jake and Vienna’s Breakup

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Giardi have ended the 14th season of The Bachelor together. However, their relationship quickly imploded and entered into 12 Wildest Bachelor Moments. Their final breakup was aired as a special.

5. 12 Wildest Bachelor Moments – Brad picks…no one?

Brad Womack decided to choose neither Jenni Croft or DeAnna Pappas. Both of them professed their love for him and he left both of them brokenhearted. It was the first and only time that bachelor didn’t choose a winner.

6. Andi dumps Pablo

Andi Dorfman has made to the top three but after spending the night with Pablo Galavis, she decided to dump him. She told him that he was basically an a**hole and that she wasn’t in love with him. She left the show after.

7. Ben Higgins says ‘I love you’ to two women

Higgins decided to tell both women he loved them. In his defense, he said ‘I never thought I could be in love with two people at the same time but I am.’ This will of course, later turn into a disaster afer he proposed to Bushnell and broke Fletcher’s heart.

8. 12 Wildest Bachelor Moments – Corinne talks about her nanny

No, she doesn’t have kids – she has a nanny for herself. She doesn’t know how to take care of herself, so she has a woman who does all that stuff for her. Everyone were confused until she explained it. Then, they all thought she is crazy.

9. Arie Luyendyk changes his mind after proposal

Arie dumped Lauren Burnham and proposed to Rebecca Kufrin. Just weeks after engagement, Luyendyk went to Los Angeles and ended things with Kufrin because he wanted to be with Burnham.

10. Colton hopped over a fence after dumping two last contestants

While on his fantasy Suite date with Cassie, Underwood revealed that he didn’t get her father’s blessing for proposal. Cassie told Colton that she just isn’t in love with him in that extent to get engaged. Colton tried to fight for her but she still chose to leave. That evening, he got fed up with the show and decided to hop over the fence .

11. Courtney and Ben went skinny-dipping

Courtney Robertson surprised Ben Flajnik when she showed up in his room with a bottle of wine and then convinced it to go skinny-dipping. It was all caught on camera.

12. Clare tells off Pablo – on of the 12 Wildest Bachelor Moments

Crawley was a runner up of Galavis. When Galavis rejected her, she told him off for his behavior and the comment he made for her. After that, Galavis said that he was glad that he didn’t pick her.


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