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5 Celebrities Exposed by Their Assistants

5 Celebrities Exposed by Their Assistants

The most common way to get Celebrities Exposed is for their personal assistants to open up. Some will keep the secrets for life. However, some got fed up with the poor treatment, lack of pay or insults. Assistants are humans just like those Celebs who hired them, so going out in the open with dirty laundry seems an appropriate move.

1. Christian Bale

His former assistant wrote a book on his experience working with Bale. He said that he needed five years of therapy to overcome years of working for him. Bale was even seen lecturing his fangirls to the point they started crying. Bale even told his assistant how screaming fans should be eliminated with a screwdriver going through the eyeball and into the brain. Now we know why the poor man needed therapy.

2. Lance Armstrong

His assistant exposed how Lance would return with a bunch of cash stuffed in his pants. He would make cash in off-record races, which is why he needed the doping. He was avoiding the testing at all costs but still, it caught up to him. He also left his wife in a very cruel way.

3. Celebrities Exposed – Anna Wintour

Remember the movie Devil Wears Prada? Anna Wintour is one of the most famous examples from this list. Her assistant just graduated from college when she got a job in Vouge. The assistant ended up writing a book about her hellish experience, which later turned into a super popular movie. Anna Wintour wasn’t really mad about it – she said as long as it’s keeping the fashion industry interesting, I support it.

4. Courtney Love

Courtney Love didn’t pay her assistant her minimum wage which was agreed to be around $3 per hour. Instead of that, she promised to pay a scholarship for Yale, which Courtney also seemed to forget about. On top of that, she demanded that her assistant poses as a lawyer and does a bunch of illegal things.

5. Celebrities Exposed – Lady Gaga

Her former assistant Jennifer told how she was a monster. She was doing everything for Lady Gaga and was literally on duty 24/7. She wasn’t given breaks for meals or sleep. For all of that, Jennifer was paid $75,000 a year. Not only that but Gaga somehow forgot that she has to pay her as well, so Jennifer had to sue to get her money.


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