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5 Influencers who Look Nothing Like In Real Life

5 Influencers who Look Nothing Like In Real Life

Check out these 10 Influencers who don’t even look similar in real life! They edit their photos so much that comparing their real photos with those on social media will leave you stunned. Let’s check it out!

Jelena Karleusa

Jelena is a Serbian singer and Influencer who is very much known for her extravagant clothing style. She is considered as an fashion icon but she is keen on using photoshop a bit too much. Check her social media photos in comparison to real life.

Tana Mongeau

She was caught many times editing her pictures, especially her body. In edited images, she appears to have perfect curves while in real life, that’s not the case. Check the photos – especially the bikini ones. It’s an expertise in posing and photoshop.

Sahar Tabar

This Influencer actually ended up in jail because of her photoshopped images. She lives in Iran and the law around photoshop, makeup, clothing and pretty much everything is pretty drastic. Sahar was sentenced because of ‘Insulting the country’s dress code’ and ‘blasphemy’. Years in prison because of photoshop? Isn’t that a bit too much?

Sahar became famous when she used makeup, prostetics and photoshop to make herself look almost like corpse bride. Unfortunately, she won’t be one of the famous influencers who profited from it.

Anastasiya Kvitko

There is not much to say about this. However, it is hard to find actual, real pictures of her. In real life, she looks nothing like photos. She is much bigger and her waist is twice as big as in photos she publishes. So, ladies, don’t feel bad – just download a good editing app and you will be just like a model!

Anastasiya in real life

Alena Omovych

She is the queen of photoshop. However, it’s almost impossible to find her picture that is not been edited. She had some plastic surgeries done but lets be real, nobody looks like that. Her pictures look like cartoon characters. If Nightmare before Christmas came alive, it would probably look something like this. She is hiding her real images for a reason.


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