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6 Plastic Surgery – Which Ruined Hollywood Careers

6 Plastic Surgery – Which Ruined Hollywood Careers

While most celebrities had Plastic Surgery to help them with career, these stars did the exact opposite. However, that wasn’t their intention when they decided to adapt their looks.

1. Jennifer Grey

The Dirty Dancing star, Jennifer Grey always stood out because of her distinctive nose. When she decided to fix her nose, the change was so dramatic that even her family and friends didn’t recognize her. This also had an impact on her career as well.

She regretted the decision later, saying that she went under surgery as an actor and came out as anonymous. Jennifer tried to succeed in sitcoms but it just didn’t work out for her.

2. Tara Reid

Tara Reid went on to have a liposuction and breast implants but things went wrong. She had hernia, bumps on stomach and it looked awful. She couldn’t wear a bikini and her work took a hit because of it. Tara said that she is scared of getting surgery ever again.

3. Lisa Rinna

When she was in her 20s, she got her lips injected with silicone. Her lips were huge, swollen and eventually, she had to get removed a part of them. She was being defined by her lips and reduced to small roles in TV shows.

4. Mickey Rourke

Mickey took a break from acting to pursue a boxing career. However, it really did a toll on his face and he went on cosmetic surgery to fix the damage. Unfortunately, the procedure wasn’t simple or fast and his scars didn’t heal properly. After many operations, he finally got back to Hollywood for the roles in Sim City, Wrestler and Iron Man 2.

5. Lara Flynn Boyle

Lara wasn’t too happy about ageing so she started to use lip fillers and Botox to look more youthful. It didn’t really work as all the work she has done was really visible on her face. She said that Hollywood isn’t such a friendly place for older women. There just aren’t many roles for them and it’s hard to stay in the business. She said that when she was only 32.

6. Lil’ Kim

She tried to keep up with the changing music industry so she underwent a serious transformation. She also had to get a rinoplasty after her abusive partner broke her nose. All of it changed her looks beyond recognition.


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