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7 Royal Family Members you Never Heard Of

7 Royal Family Members you Never Heard Of

When thinking about the Royal Family Members you probably think about the Queen and her closest family members. Kate, William, Prince Charles, Meghan, Harry and of course, the kids. However, that’s not all folks, as there are many more royals you probably don’t know about. Some are even models.

1. Arthur Chatto

Arthur Chatto is pretty easily found on social media if you want to follow him. He is 23rd in the line of succession to the British throne, as his mom is Lady Sarah Chatto. Lady Chatto is the Queen’s niece. Arthur is often sharing pictures of his toned body and it’s safe to say he is one of the most attractive members of the Royal Family.


2. Samuel Chatto

He is Arthur’s older brother but he is a bit more low-key. He doesn’t share much on social media. Sam is more into inspirational quotes and artsy photography.

3. Lady Davina Lewis

Lady Davina is 28th in line to get to the throne. She is not that exposed in the media, except for the time she married her husband – who was the first Maori to marry into the Royal Family. They had a really private wedding with only her parents and other few members of the family being present.

4. Royal Family Members – Lord Frederick Windsor

Not all royals work stuffy jobs. Frederick is blood-related to Prince Phillip but that didn’t make him any closer than 46th in a row to the throne. His grandmother was the first cousin with Queen’s husband. Freddie worked as a music journalist and now he is a financial analyst.

5. Lady Gabriella Windsor

She is a younger sister of Frederick and she is a freelance writer. Aside from that, she was a representative for Ralph Lauren. Lady Gabriella also has impressive education.

6. Lady Rose Gilman

Lady Rose had a pretty interesting career, working as an art assistant in the film and TV industry. She even worked on the set of the ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

7. Royal Family Members – Lady Amelia Windsor

She is just about the be famous! Lady Amelia is a model and you can easily find her on Instagram. She is given the title of ‘most beautiful member of the royal family. It’s not all beauty with her – she is also studying at Edinburgh University.


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