Home Celebrities 8-Year Old Influencer Mila Maxanets in Child Marriage?

8-Year Old Influencer Mila Maxanets in Child Marriage?

8-Year Old Influencer Mila Maxanets in Child Marriage?

Mila Maxanets is an 8-year-old influencer – yes, you’ve read that right. Since she was 4 years old, Mila had an Instagram account which was managed by her mother, as a 4-year-old kid isn’t really capable of doing that. Her mother started taking more and more pictures and eventually, Mila even became popular.

She started modelling and the number of her fans grew over time. However, everything turned dark after she announced a relationship with a 13-year-old boy. It’s not only disturbing to see the pictures but it got everyone around really worried. The social worker took the case. Her mother said that she is just letting her daughter do what she wants to do and that she’s just a kid.


Despite that claim, her mother is very unlikely to let her do what she wants. Dating someone that much older in that age is extremely inappropriate. Mila’s father has divorced her mother few years prior so he voiced his concerns. He was extremely furious after seeing that his wife would go so far.

She even announced a fake wedding between the two. Mila’s mother cashed in on the fame but she refused to admit that. It’s not surprising that she would even force her daughter to pretend she loves the 5-year her senior boy.

Mila Maxanets marries 5 years older Pasha Pai


The two kids in the videos look like they are not very comfortable with everything that’s going on. The parents of two kids got into the eyes of social workers. The authorities said that the promotion of this kind of content is turning into a crime.

As children can’t be held accountable in the eyes of law, that means they are not able to make this kind of decisions on their own. Most likely, they were forced into making a ton of videos that got their parents more cash in their pockets. However, this will stay on the internet forever and will definitely be hurtful for them as they grow up.


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