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9 Cardi B Facts that will Blow Your Mind!

9 Cardi B Facts that will Blow Your Mind!

Check out some Crazy Facts about Cardi B that will blow you away! You probably didn’t know these facts about this popular signer!

1. Her real name is Belcalis Almanzar

We know her as Cardi B but true fans probably already know that this musician real name is Belcalis Almanzar. Both names are a Spanish translation of Arabic words. Belcalis is a reference to Queen of Sheba, while Almanzar translates to ‘watchtower’ or ‘lookout point’.

2. Her mom is from Trinidad and her dad from the Dominican Republic

She was raised by two working parents in South Bronx, Highbridge. It was a predominantly Latino neighbourhood so she grew up surrounded by multicultural influences.

3. She is from South Bronx

Like many rappers who come from the Bronx, she is proud of her roots. She credits her upbringing to becoming a rapper. She said that she wouldn’t be able to rap about the things she raps now if she didn’t grow up there.

4. Cardi B doesn’t drive

She still doesn’t have a drivers license. She bought herself a car and she’s working on it. Cardi was taking the train her whole life as a city kid so she never had a need to drive.

5. The meaning of her Nickname

Cardi B is actually short for Bacardi. She explained in an interview that her title is actually short for Bacardi – the rum. She actually got the nickname because her sister’s name is Hennessy. So, out of a joke, everyone started calling her Bacardi.

6. Hennessy is a low-key star

She is actually a social media star, as she has built 5.5 million Instagram followers.

7. Cardi B worked as a cashier

She worked as a cashier at Amish Market as a teenager. She had a salary of $250 a week.

8. Cardi B also worked as a stripper

When she was 19, her manager suggested a different career path. He said that she is pretty and has a nice body and advised her to try stripping. She took his advice and went to a strip club. However, she told her mom that she was earning money by babysitting. She was telling her mom about these rich people who pay her $100 a day.

One more story related to stripping is that it saved her from an abusive relationship. She said that the boyfriend was beating her but with stripping, she got enough money to leave him.


9. Cardi B had a cheap plastic surgery

That plastic surgery almost killed her. She paid $800 to get her buttocks illegally injected with silicone which came with nasty side effects. It was very painful, burning and the wounds were leaking for days.

She planned on going for some touch-ups but the woman has closed down the operation after someone died from one of the procedures.


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