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9 Celebrities Who Have Really Bad Breath

9 Celebrities Who Have Really Bad Breath

We bring you 10 Celebrities who have a really Bad Breath – and you will be surprised! While you might get used to the perfect picture of Hollywood, this is a small reminder that it’s not all that glamorous.

1. Ben Affleck

The word of his stikny breath was going through for quite a while. Supposedly, his ex-girlfriend Sandra Bullock also complained about his breath on several occasions. Multiple coworkers have said the same. Now, we are all left to wonder how did it feel to actually kiss him on the scene.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

It’s no secret that she is a huge prankster. It’s not that she had halitosis it’s just that she was pranking her colleagues. If there was a kissing scene coming up, she would eat garlic, onions or tuna on purpose to make them suffer.

3. Britney Spears and her Bad Breath

When she was trying to slim down, she was on a very low calorie diet and ate only once or twice a day. She wasn’t alone in the suffering as supposedly, her breath was so bad that her colleagues couldn’t stand near her. However, that’s something that happens to everyone.

4. Lamar Odom

While he was happily married to one of the reality star sisters, other Kardashians didn’t hide their opinion about his breath. Initially, they forced him to resolve the issue of his horrible breath. It was a decayed tooth that was constantly making his breath smelling like warm garbage.

5. Jason Segel

One of the beloved ‘How I Met Your Mother’ show characters developed a disgusting breath problem thanks to his smoking addiction. However, his on-screen wife made him quit smoking. She couldn’t stand the smell of his breath so she made him avoid cigarettes every time they had a kissing scene. Eventually, it helped him to quit smoking for good and his breath situation improved dramatically.

6. Johnny Depp

This is quite a shock, isn’t it? As he was snatching the hearts of women worldwide, nobody would ever come to think that he had a stinky breath. Many people around him stated that he had some problems with hygiene which comes as a bitter surprise.

7. Angelina Jolie has a Bad Breath?

Her ex-husband even teased her about having horrible breath. He once even got her breath mints for valentines day gift as a joke. One of the most beautiful women in Hollywood – and still has problems with terrible breath.

8. Jessica Simpson

Not only she confused tuna and chicken but she also has problem with hygiene. She shared how she hates the smooth feeling of teeth after brushing them. For that reason, she’s brushing them only few times a week, when she really has to. Instead, she uses mouthwash and gum. However, it seems like it’s not enough.

9. Hugh Grant

He was supposedly so smelly that his coworkers brought mouthwash for him.


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