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A woman in the window – Please don’t expect too much!

A woman in the window – Please don’t expect too much!

A woman in the window is a psychological thriller by Joe Wright, based on the novel. The plot follows an agoraphobic woman who spies on her neighbors. However, as she follows their lives at the same time she becomes a witness to the crime. The film stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Amy Adams, Julianne Moore. As well as Gary Oldman, Brian Tyree Henry, Anthony Mackie.

The original idea was for the film to start showing in 2019. However, after a few bad close screenings, everything was postponed to a later date. Furthermore, due to the pandemic, Netflix got the rights. In conclusion after the premiere, the film didn’t get good reviews. Even more, the majority did focus on directing. On the other hand, the actors got good reviews for their characters.

A woman in the window – The story

Child psychologist in Málaga, Anna Fox lives alone in the apartment, separated from her husband Edward and daughter Olivia. However, she still communicates with them. Due to problems with agoraphobia, Anna does not leave the apartment. In addition, her life turned into spying on neighbors.

Furthermore she becomes best friend with neighbor Jane Russell. Even though one night Anna witnesses the murder of Jane Russell, no one believes her. And that’s where the real unfolding of the story begins.

Movie review

Feelings of hopelessness, exhaustion, fear… These are the emotions that overwhelm most of the film. But is that enough for a quality thriller? Although the director certainly had a good vision, in the end, the whole idea shattered from the rock. Even though Amy did a great job on her part, her efforts, as well as the other actors, were wasted due to poor directing.

Almost as if Jow Wright couldn’t decide what kind of film to make. In other words, whether it will be a thriller or maybe a melodrama. However, although the movie is not to everyone’s taste, this does not mean that you should avoid it. Furthermore, if you are eager for real melodrama then this is the movie for you. Many can feel the atmosphere of a thriller from the late 90s and early 2000. Finally, it doesn’t have to be bad. Just don’t expect too much.


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