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Abandon all hope – City of dead Russia

Abandon all hope – City of dead Russia

City of dead Russia is still causing discomfort. The city of the dead is in North Ossetia-Alania. In other words, there are over a hundred old tombs. However, this place at first glance looks harmless and idyllic.

On the outskirts of the city along the river Gizeldon, there are stone houses from the 14th and 16th centuries. Furthermore, detailed analysis reveals the necropolises with dead persons. Once upon a time, all the items they owned went with the deceased. In other words clothing, all that was valuable. Over a hundred tombs have a distinctive style. On the other hand, while some have one room, others are on four floors.

The City of the Dead in Russia is one of the most mystical places with many legends. In addition, the belief is no one alive would be able to get out of this city. In conclusion, this is the main reason why the local population still avoids it. Many believe the main culprit is the plague that ravaged this place in the 18th century.

Dargavs – City of dead Russia

A long time ago, the local population drove the sick into stone houses. Furthermore, all the sick ones didn’t have the approval to leave houses for the rest of their lives.

The houses are scattered on a low slope, and each of them has a small opening. Furthermore, these openings are close to the ground, which is a pile of human bones.

However, the city is not only known for its stone houses. There are old coins between the tombs. In addition, the families tossed coins in hopes of hitting the stone slabs. If the stone hits slabs, the soul of the one who is no longer alive will go to heaven.

Recently, Dargavs is more and more isolated every day. In other words from the capital North Ossetia-Alania, it takes about an hour to drive. The road leading to the city is full of bends. Furthermore is dangerous even for the greatest adventurers. Today, this place has perhaps 200 inhabitants with several dozen houses.


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