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Aidan is Back! John Corbett will Seduce Carrie Bradshaw

Aidan is Back! John Corbett will Seduce Carrie Bradshaw

After Mr. Big, the most important man in Carrie Bradshaw’s life is definitely Aidan. And now in a new interview, John Corbett who plays him has confirmed that he will appear in the upcoming part of Sex and the City. He will be in the TV show, and he is hoping that he would be in a lot of episodes. Not to mention that he is very happy with all people on the set.

So far we can see John Corbett in the 22 episodes of Sex and the City. The TV show aired from 1998 to 2004. His character dated Carrie for some time, and in the end, she cheated him with a Mr. Big. In the second part of the Sex and the City movie, we can see him in Abu Dhabi where he ran into Carrie. They kiss each other, even if he already had a wife and kids. She was also married to a Mr. Big.

Still, we don’t know if Chris Noth will appear in the spin-off of the 10 episodes. For now, we won’t see only Kim Cattrall. For that reason, we will need to follow the lives of our favorite characters without Samantha Jones.

Today we know that Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker were in a bad relationship and that is the main reason why she didn’t want to act in the new parts of this show. In one interview John Corbett said that he didn’t know about the situation on the set. Basically, he found out when this news came out. He didn’t notice anything on the set.

However, he mostly work with Sara Jessica Parker, basically, he had only one scene with all girls. He can’t say anything bad, because everyone was nice to him. Not to mention that he had the opportunity to meet all of them on the set. But always he had a nice and pleasant conversation with all of them. He couldn’t see anything negative on the set.


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