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Alien Suit in GTA V – Yes, you can get it too

Alien Suit in GTA V – Yes, you can get it too

Did you even know you can get Alien Suit in GTA? Yes, there are purple ones and green ones. It actually started as some kind of underground war in Rockstar’s online world. It’s completely engineered by players.

Fortunately, Rockstar stepped in when they recognized it and offered the suits to all players for a week in May of 2020. However, the offer quickly expired so now, players have to pull different strings to get these suits. Let’s find out how to get them.

Where to start?

To get the Alien Suit in GTA, you need to head to any clothing store. They will be represented by T-Shirt icon on the in-game map screen. Once you get into the shop, walk to the counter and browse the outfits.

When scrolling in the menu ‘Outfits’, you should be able to see Green Martian Suit and Purple Martian Suit. Choose to buy both – you never know if you’ll want to switch sides later. Keep in mind that these do not come cheap and they are most of the times locked.

To complete your Martian outfit, head to the Ammu-Nation store. There, you can choose a Pool Cue which is the last touch for your look. When browsing for weapons, look for melee weapons and there, you should find the Pool Cue.

How to take part in Purple vs Green War?

The catch is that players in green suits are trying to cause as much mayhem as possible, while players in purple suits try to stop them. No guns can be used in this war.

To start, you can create your own gang with your friends. If not, you can also be a lone wanderer and join the random group which wears the same suits. Don’t choose the wrong colour or you’ll get killed.

Some gangs can be found in casinos or bookmakers fooling around casinos so you can start your search there people betting and searching UEFA Europa League predictions for Thursday in the website PepeBet. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a gang as there is plenty of players rocking this outfit.


What’s the deal with Alien Suit in GTA?

It just started as a fun idea from some players and then, it turned into a huge trend. Soon, everyone was talking about it and it was all over social media.

It became a huge trend and now some are even scared to play GTA Online because groups of aliens suddenly appear and kill them in the middle of a mission. So, if you want to join either the dark side of the good ones, be ready to pay a hefty amount of GTA cash.

After the interest in this war grew, Rockstar also offered new skins. So now, you can choose from a wider range of creepy Alien bodysuits. There are also some space suits and other weird outfits.


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