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Are you sure you want to go here – Russian salt mine

Are you sure you want to go here – Russian salt mine

Russian salt mine is a place you should avoid in a wide arc. However, no one can enter this mine without special permission from the authorities. There are many reasons why this place is life-threatening. In other words gas leakage, risk of collapse. As well as endless and long labyrinths.

City of Yekaterinburg

In western Siberia on the river Iset lies the city of Yekaterinburg with 1.5 million inhabitants. Also, it is the fourth largest city in Russia and the second largest in Siberia. Furthermore is one of the major industrial and cultural centers. In 2018, it was one of the host cities during the FIFA World Cup. The origin of the name comes from the wife of the Russian emperor Peter the Great.

Yekaterinburg is the seat of the military district of the Russian Forces. However, this place keeps another secret that attracts many. Deep below the city, there is a strange mine, to say the least.

Russian salt mine

In case you didn’t know this is one of the most colorful caves. In other words on the walls are psychedelic patterns fthanks to natural layers of carnallite. These are the minerals most commonly for production of plant fertilizers. Even though a small portion is still in use, most passages are closed to the public.

It is a place of amazing nature games with amazing colors. The mine is at a depth of 200 m. Furthermore, tunnels and caves reach up to 6.4 km in length. However, the mine is the most special by his colors. Although it seems as if someone sprayed them, that is not the case. This is all done by nature.

The predominant mineral beats are shades of blue, red, white, and yellow. Color deposits go back 280 million years. Furthermore, there are labyrinths all over the mine that are so long you can easily get lost.

The air inside is so dry that while you are there you should have enough water to prevent thirst. Even though you can’t go to the mine without a special permit, don’t be discouraged. This is for the safety of everyone else though. In conclusion, if you get permission you should be careful and follow the instructions.


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