Home Fun Armpit Hair took a step further – To Vivid Colors

Armpit Hair took a step further – To Vivid Colors

Armpit Hair took a step further – To Vivid Colors

There is no end to weird trends but this one is really special. It’s not just letting the Armpit Hair grow. It’s making it into a real hairdo – with vivid colours.

Whoever came up with it, seems like marketing expert, because its breaking the internet. Hairy nails and thick unibrow were also some fabulous examples.

Rainbow and Unicorn Armpit Hair

There is nothing like colorful hair, especially for teens and young adults. Seeing all those possibilities on the market to dye your hair any color and shade you like… It’s crazy. It opened up space for new trends, such as blue hair then pink hair. After a while, seeing people walking around with pink hair seems even normal. Rainbow is even better! Unicorn? Why not?

However, the trend of matching this kind of hair with armpits got out of hand. Armpit hair was for long shaven off and it was considered as a sign of bad hygiene, especially among females. However, girls today started embracing their hair. Not only that but proudly match it with their hair colour.

If pink hair is trendy, then pink armpits must be trendier?
This turquoise color really suits her, don’t you think?
Fiery red is a brave color, even braver when combined with fuzzy underarm carpet.

Instead of always matching the hair, some girls decided to play with colors. What looks better? We’ll left viewers to decide on that. We thought that new trends will bring all kinds of things but nobody expected colorful armpit hair.

How long will this trend last? Nobody can tell. Hopefully, it will live the same destiny as thick unibrow hair, quickly vanishing from the scene. Trends can really be wild from time to time. Remember plastic transparent shoes, jeans and jackets? Exactly. So don’t worry, you probably won’t have to grow your armpit hair and dye it. Just survive not being cool for few months and the trend will fade away.


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