Home Celebrities Bad Boys 2 Megan Fox – Did Michael Bay do that to her?

Bad Boys 2 Megan Fox – Did Michael Bay do that to her?

Bad Boys 2 Megan Fox – Did Michael Bay do that to her?

Bad Boys 2 Megan Fox are two terms that are hard to connect. However you wouldn’t believe it, but Fox almost starred in that movie. But what about Megan, where did she go? After the sexy music video Machine Gun Kelly, she was under the magnifying glass again. Furthermore, Megan began to attract attention again after talking to Jimmy Kimmel.

Bad Boys 2 Megan Fox

Even though the interview was in 2009, the recording of the conversation every now and then prompts many to think. Furthermore, Megan explains that she was sexualized as a teenager. During the interview, she explains what the audition for the movie Bad Boys 2 looked like. Michael Bay reportedly asked her to put on heels and a bikini and dance under the waterfall. However, she was only 15 at the time.

Transformers Megan Fox

Although Megan should be another actress from the A list, it didn’t happen. Furthermore, after two films from the Transformers franchise, everything went down. Her comments against Michael Bay forced Spielberg to remove her from the project.

All the problems started in 2009 when Megan compared Bay to Hitler. Even more, she said he is like Hitler who must have everything under control. In other words, he is a nightmare that is impossible to work with. However, Michael Bay did not show that he was angry.

In fact, he hired Fox in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But he repeatedly pointed out that no one would have heard of her if he didn’t hire her in Transformers. Though everyone was loudly saying that she was fired from the popular franchise, her representatives claim it was her decision to retire. Even Shia LaBeouf defended Bay.

What did happen to Megan Fox?

Maybe the problem is that Megan may not have been ready for such an exhibition. Furthermore, every time Michael asked to do some sexy scene, there was a problem. In conclusion, Fox reportedly finds it difficult to accept such challenges. Even though after all problems, she maybe finds a way to stay on the list of recognizable actresses.


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