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Beauty Rules of the Royal Family

Beauty Rules of the Royal Family

You’ve probably heard many rules that the Royal Family has to follow. From food, behaviour to clothing and makeup. Avoiding publicity, being careful what to say during interviews while media attacking you is not easy. What’s more, royals have a strict dress code as well.

What can Royal Family wear?

Nail polish in any bright colour is not allowed. Only nude shades are allowed when they get a manicure. Surprisingly, Queen’s favourite is the ballet slipper nail polish by Essie. However, most of the time they just have short nails with a clear coat on top.

Another rule is about makeup – and you probably guess what it is. Subtle smokey eye and eyeliner are the most extravagant thing that is allowed. One time, Meghan Markle broke this rule and caused giant outrage when she wore a shiny lip gloss for the meal with the Queen.

There is a bit more freedom when it comes to hair. Hair needs to be polished and neat at all times but they are free to choose from different hairstyles. They usually wear simple hairstyles which go in hand with their busy schedule. However, they can go wild with hats while getting ready for events.

For women, this rule can be quite difficult. Makeup can smudge after few hours and things can go out of place. Most of us don’t even think about it and just pull out the pocket mirror to fix it up. However, royal women don’t have this luxury. They can’t be seen touching up their makeup anywhere in public.

Royal families have to wear matching outfits. Not in the sense that they all have to have the same suits – but the colours have to align. If Kate Middleton wore a purple dress, then both of the children, as well as Prince William will wear a touch of purple.


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