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Biggest Lightning Strike Myths and Danger Behind it

Biggest Lightning Strike Myths and Danger Behind it

Lightning Strike is a natural occurrence that has some dangerous myths surrounding it. You must have heard that lightning strikes twice. However, there is also a claim that it will never strike the same place two times. Well, that’s one of the most dangerous myths, as lightning will actually strike the same place two times, or at least strike somewhere very close to the first hit.

How lightning strike occurs?

Lightning starts as a static charge in the rain cloud when winds inside the could are very turbulent. Water drops in the bottom part of the cloud are caught in the updrafts and they are lifted higher to a colder atmosphere, where they freeze.

When these start to come back down, they meet the water that is coming up, which strips off the electrons. That results in the negatively charged bottom and positively charged top. These electrical fields become very strong and the atmosphere acts as an insulator between them and the cloud.

Where charge overpowers the insulation properties in the atmosphere, the release of this energy will appear in the form of lightning.

Where will lightning strike?

It’s most likely that lightning will strike the tallest object near it. If you ever wondered why does lightning strike trees, now you know. However, that is not always the rule. Lightning can also strike you or just the ground next to you. If you are outside, the safest place to be is in your car. However, avoid touching any metal parts at that time.

Lightning Strike Dangerous Myths

The most dangerous myth of all is that lightning never strikes the same place twice. People will usually think that the danger has passed, while actually, it’s likely that the lightning will strike again – in the same spot or somewhere very close to it.

So if you ever find yourself in a situation where lightning strikes somewhere near, try to get away as fast as you can. It will be best to stay inside during this time or close yourself into a vehicle until it passes.


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