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Biggest Spenders among Royals – and Cheapskates

Biggest Spenders among Royals – and Cheapskates

Did you know that Kate Middleton has a habit of spending too much? She might have broken the record of all Royals – when she spent one million pounds in one shopping spree! Prince William was not happy – nor was the rest of the family as it caused quite a scandal.

Kate had to massively cut down her spending habits. We are sure that the Queen has forgiven her, as she is quite a spender herself. Queen Elizabeth II is known for enjoying horse racing and betting on it. Queen won around 9 million pounds over 30 years of betting on races. However, nobody knows how much did the Queen lose.

Prince Harry is on this list as well, as before he became a calm family man, he loved to party. It’s not known how much he spent in total but he was frequently staying in the luxury hotel in Las Vegas. The price of one night was £7,000 and besides that, he didn’t save in the casino. That was also the time he played strip billiard and his nude photos have leaked, embarrassing his entire family.

He might have inherited the wild side from his mother, Princess Diana. She would have entire stories of building closed down for her so she could shop in peace. Diana would spend hours shopping for clothing and jewellery. Princess Beatrice is another big spender in the family, splurging on more vacations than you’d even be able to plan.

Which Royals are Cheapskates?

The Duke of Windsor was just the opposite of his wife who loved to shop. He even refused to pay the bills for dinners.

Meghan Markle might look really classy and fancy but most of her outfits are from consumer brands. Her jewellery collection also includes costume jewellery. Her famous tote we’ve seen at the Invictus games was just around $150 – which is quite cheap for Royal standards.

Prince William has a busy schedule – but still tries to keep his household staff as small as possible. William tries to do more things by himself in order to save more money. He practices a more simple life and chooses affordable furniture. When his grandmother, the Queen, requested that everyone lower down their expenses, William seems to be the only one who took it seriously.

Prince Phillip is also on this list. While Queen loved to spend a pretty penny, Prince Phillip was being modest. He didn’t prefer the media attention and stayed in the back – but always supported the Queen. His habits and hobbies were also proof that he enjoyed his position in the background.


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