Home Fun Bill Gates Arrested? What Dragged this Billionaire in Jail

Bill Gates Arrested? What Dragged this Billionaire in Jail

Bill Gates Arrested? What Dragged this Billionaire in Jail

Do you know why was Bill Gates Arrested? Well, it’s a time you found out – and you will laugh. It was actually nothing more than reckless driving charges, back in 1977. He looked like a bookworm or a nerd in his 20s as well but it seems that he wasn’t always living by the rules.

How was Bill Gates Arrested?

It was back when he was 22, he decided to take his Porsche for a spin. On December 13th in New Mexico, Bill was caught speeding and ran a stop sign. That isn’t something that usually gets you in jail, so why did he?

On top of that, he didn’t have a driving license. He was arrested in his hometown of Bellevue, Washington, where he ran a stop sign in a suburban neighbourhood. When Microsoft was still in its early years, Bill used the money he made to buy a Porsche 911 and race in the desert.

His childhood friend and Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen had to bail him out after he spent the night locked up.

Fun Facts about Bill Gates

Bill Gates was always a bookworm and it’s not a secret. Even when he was a kid, he spent too much time reading so his parents had to limit his book-reading time. He is also known for gathering rare and expensive books. One of them is the famous Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Codex Leicester’, which he splurged $30.8 million for.

Gates is a difficult boss. He worked weekends and didn’t believe in the vacations, which made him the worst boss anyone could have. In their early days at Microsoft, he would memorize everyone’s license plates to know when would people come in and leave. He said that eventually, he loosened up as the company grew in size.

He dropped out of Harvard where he was about to pursue his law career. Bill was running a successful business so it’s no wonder he had no time for studies. However, he did get an honorary degree, 32 years after his dropout as the recognition of his work.

Gates had a strange relationship with Steve Jobs. Jobs would make Gates wait for over an hour sometimes on purpose and on his deathbed, Jobs kept Bill Gates’ letter with him. This was the most famous rivalry in the tech world.


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