Home Celebrities Billie Eilish singer – Does she really suffer from that disease

Billie Eilish singer – Does she really suffer from that disease

Billie Eilish singer – Does she really suffer from that disease

Billie Eilish singer is one of the phenomena that never ceases to shock. Even more, being one of the youngest talents to start her career with the song Ocean Eye. However, there are a lot of other things we don’t know about this singer.

Billie Eilish singer – Family life

The singer grew up in a messy house surrounded by children’s paintings and musical instruments. Her real name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird. Since she has been in contact with music from the beginning, it is not surprising that she has a great love for this industry.

While the father plays the piano the mother is also a singer-songwriter. Growing up, she was most influenced by My Chemical Romance. As well as Avril Lavigne, The Beatles. Billie does not come from a wealthy family. Furthermore, her parents slept in the living room.

They wanted her and her brother to have separate rooms. In exchange for riding lessons, she worked part-time on the ranch. She was homeschool, so she didn’t leave home much. Except for singing in the choir as well as at dance classes. While the other children were having fun she wrote the first song. Furthermore was only 12 years old when she wrote Finger’s Crossed. Today Billie thinks that song is rubbish.

Why is she so sad

While on stage it looks perfect, when the stage lights go out everything looks different. Even more, it is clear how lonely Billie feels. However, her brother has a normal life off stage. But why is she so sad? She had her first big interview when she was 15 years old. Her Instagram gathered 6 million followers overnight. Furthermore has tens of millions of followers. Probably all too much for such a young person.

Her songs are mostly about mental problems and depression. Billie faces criticism every day for almost everything she does. Furthermore mostly because she rarely smiles in pictures.

Billie Eilish singer – Tourette syndrome

This famous singer has been struggling with Tourette syndrome for a long time. There was more and more talk about it after someone filmed her face and revealed tics. Billie admits many have not seen the worst side of her illness. In addition, she has been dealing with it all her life.


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