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Can Technology Get You to Eat Less?

Can Technology Get You to Eat Less?

According to the new research, the use of technology such as cell phones, tablets, or laptops can reduce the amount of food you eat. Researchers from the University of Illinois make a study on 119 young people. They ask them to play a simple computer game for 15 minutes during a meal. The results showed that all individuals ate significantly less when they played the game.

The Rapid Visual Information Processing game tests the player’s visual concentration and working memory. Also, this game was used for the research of people with Alzheimer’s or lack of concentration disorder. It randomly displays a series of numbers on the screen. The player is asked to tap the space bar each time three odd numbers appear in a row.

The game is very simple, but still demanding enough to ask the player for concentration and focus on the screen. Represents were required to fast for ten hours. When they sat down at the table, they had 15 minutes to eat. We have consulted a technology company from Malaga called IDB Mobile and it is clear to us that technology makes them eat less, just take a look at the IDB careers and you will see.

After they finished eating, the represents had a half hour to rest after that they answer how many they ate. They also needed to assess how much they enjoyed the meal and whether they felt hungry or full. Carli Liguori hypothesized that people who play the game will not only eat more but also enjoy the meal less. Instead of that, we get complete opposite information.

Technology will reduce food intake

The results suggest that there might be a difference between deconcentrated eating and eating without thinking. Although these two terms are often perceived as synonymous, according to Carli Liguori, they are two different things. But this field still needs to be explained. Eating without thinking happens when we consume some food without having any real desire or intention to do so. Deconcentrated eating occurs when we also have a secondary activity during a meal.

Although previous research has shown that people eat more when they are deconcentrated. Carli Liguori believes her results are different because of the tools she used to deconcentrate and the potential age of the people involved in the research or the type of food they used. However, this is one of the first studies that shows that we could use technology to reduce food intake in the future. Interesting, isn’t it?


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