Home Tech&Game Can You Wash Car at -40 degrees? Watch What Happens

Can You Wash Car at -40 degrees? Watch What Happens

Can You Wash Car at -40 degrees? Watch What Happens

Can You Wash Car in Winter? Well, it’s not the best idea to wash your car in freezing temperatures, especially below 40 degrees. If you wonder what happened with the car of the person who tried this out – check this out.

What happened?

The story starts in Russia, of course, where the weather was -38 degrees at the moment the owner tried to wash his Hummer. He went by a simple principle and applied the active foam all over the car. It didn’t take long for the car to freeze.

He wasn’t able to enter his car after the first coat of the active foam. However, the decision to take this one step further and coat the car completely – until it can’t be recognized anymore. The end result turned out kind of cool. Surprisingly, he managed to carve his way into the car and start it. The car was even in good condition to be driven right away. However, that’s Russia we’re speaking of, they have to be prepared for this at all times.

Can You Wash Car in Winter?

Yes! Of course, you can – but the process isn’t the same as during the summer season. Just pouring water over your car and letting it dry isn’t an option. It is possible to wash your car as usual but you’ll have to dry it off and make sure there is no water left that could freeze and make a mess around your doors, wheels and windows.

However, washing your car in winter can help to protect it from rust. Cleaning the wheels is a great idea, as well as cleaning all the areas in which salt could gather up and cause an issue. For example, the area on the bottom of the doors, doorstep and trunk. For additional help, watch the videos below.


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