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Celebrities Married to Ordinary People

Celebrities Married to Ordinary People

Celebrities will often be in a relationship with some other famous person. But some of them married ordinary people. Let’s find out how some of the celebrities meet those ordinary people. We are bringing you a story about how they meet them.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey meet his wife Camila Alves in the beach club in Marbella when he made margaritas. He calls her and her friend to join them. And in 2012 they get marred and they decided to buy a property for sale in Marbella after two years of relationship.

Kevin Jonas

Hairdresser Danielle Deleasa was on the vacation in the Bahamas where she meets Kevin Jonas. He got her number over her sister. Kevin find out the number of the plane she was flying and call her as soon as the plane landed. They are in marriage since 2009.

Lisa Kudrow

The first time when Lisa meets Michael Sterna was in the time when he dated her roommate. And they were in a relationship six years later, when they meet each other at one birthday party. One time Lisa said that she always leaves the room when he came to her roommate because she didn’t want that anyone knows that she has a crush on him. They are in the marriage since 1995.

Julia Roberts

At the time when she was shooting The Mexican, Julia fall in love with cameraman Danny Modera. They are in the marriage since 2002.

Jon Bon Jovi

He meets his wife Dorothea Hurley in a high school, and they are still together. They get married in 1989, and the main secret of their relationship is mutual respect.

George Clooney

Clooney meets human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin over his friends. His friend told him that he meets a woman, and he will bring her to his house. In the end, they will get married.

Matt Damon

One night he meets a waitress Luciana Barroso, and they are in the married since 2005.


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