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Celebrity weddings that never had a chance

Celebrity weddings that never had a chance

Celebrity weddings, as glamorous as it may seem to some, are not always all that great. In other words, there are a lot of famous couples who broke up just before the big wedding. Furthermore according to numerous studies about 20% of engagements never finished as the wedding. Although Jennifer and Ben decided to give it another try, many remember the wedding that never happened.

Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow

Brad and Gwyneth were in a relationship from 1994 to 1997. The love story began on the set of the film Se7en. Even more, when receiving the Golden Globe he called Paltrow the love of his life. They were also engaged for a short time, but that’s where it all stopped. Brad and Gwyneth were some of the most popular couples of the 90s. Instead of getting married, everyone went their own way. They both soon found new loves. But no matter how many years passed, they are still one of the most beautiful couples.

Celebrity weddings – Jennifer and Ben

Jennifer and Ben or Bennifer are one of the couples who believe in a second chance. Even though Jennifer was with Chris Judd at the time, that didn’t stop her from being with Ben. Furthermore one of the earliest signs of a relationship was a video of Jenny from the Block.

In that video, the two of them sunbathe together on the boat. But after the preparations for the wedding, there was a break. However, never say never. Maybe Bennifer will finally get to the altar together. Either way, in the end, Bennifer will always be a top topic!

Celebrity weddings – Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

Even though she is one of the most beautiful singers, Ariana has not had any luck in love. She and Pete were together for 5 months. Furthermore, the two also announced their engagement. Ariana described the relationship as amusing and a bit frivolous.

To show how strong their love is, they both got tattoos. However, after only 5 months of the relationship, everyone went their own way. Who knows, maybe the luxury wedding in Marbella would be really special. In conclusion, this way we can only speculate. It was short and who knows probably a little sweet.


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