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Charles Responsible for Princess Diana Tragic End?

Charles Responsible for Princess Diana Tragic End?

Princess Diana and Prince Charles had one of the most public marriages that ever existed. They were constantly in the eyes of the media. Their every move was closely followed by the media. The marriage that started as a fairytale has turned into something else very soon after the wedding.

There was so much global interest in their relationship. Princess Diana was so beloved and people today still believe that she is a saint. At the same time, they portray her husband as a bad guy who cheated.

The media portrays Princess Diana as Saint

In this case, the Royal Family is to be blamed for everything. They have shunned away as bad guys who stood by Charles in every step. She was always the black sheep of the family. However, we only heard her side of the story and nothing else. So, maybe the events aren’t as portrayed by the media at the start.

Princ Charles didn’t comment on allegations of cheating or anything else. He kept to the Royal Family’s ways of ‘never complain and never explain’. It’s very easy to take Diana’s side in this story. She was a charity worker, not just beautiful on the outside but also portrayed as a beautiful person. Diana was showing emotions and empathy in the media.

At the same time, Charles seems cold and distant. He never showed any emotions at all and that’s what dragged threw people away. They instantly took Diana’s side, no matter what the real story behind it.

However, there is one person who knows the true facts – Lady C. Lady Colin Campbell has written series of books about the Royal Family. She personally knew Princess Diana and was her friend, until she refused to write as Diana demanded. Lady C always checked the facts with staff, friends and people around to be sure that her book is as true as possible.

Diana’s side of the story didn’t always match up. To be exact, Charles was in fact, faithful to Diana in the beginning and they were very much in love. The marriage didn’t become sour because of Charles’ affair. Both of them had affairs at about the same time.

Diana caused outrage in the Royal Family after her charity work became controversial. Royals avoid all controversy and they try to keep it down as much as possible. So, it’s not always as it seems and Diana wasn’t just the victim – both she and Charles suffered in a bad marriage.


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