Home Lifestyle Cono de Arita – Wait, what, floating pyramids?

Cono de Arita – Wait, what, floating pyramids?

Cono de Arita – Wait, what, floating pyramids?

Cono de Arita pyramids are a bit reminiscent as if you were on another planet. And especially in the evening when the white lowlands come to the fore. Also full moon, pyramids, dark sky… All this evokes an unreal world.

Salar de Arizaro

In the northwestern part of Argentina, there is a true phenomenon. The Salar de Arizaro or the great salt plains are also part of this story. It is near Mina La Casualidad, between Caipe and Tolar Grande. The whole area covers up to 1,600 km2. On the other hand, it is the sixth-largest saltworks in the world and the second-largest in Argentina.

Furthermore, the whole area abounds with metallic and non-metallic resources. In other words, onyx, copper, iron. As well as marble, salt. The nearest flats are Salinas Grandes, Pocitos, Hombre Muerto, Antofalla. The Salta-Antofagasta railway passes through the middle of the whole territory. This place once upon a time was a passage for cattle from Chile to the valley of the river Lerma.

There are several assumptions of the origin of the name. Furthermore, Arizaro comes from the Atacameno language. It is a word composed of ara or aro. In other words, a place where there is more than enough. The other part of the word is haari, condor, or crow.

Cono de Arita pyramids

In case you didn’t already know this is a natural attraction that stems from the salt flats. However, it owes its popularity to salt fields reminiscent of pyramids. This is not a real pyramid but a volcano. Furthermore according to some theories volcano did not erupt due to too little power. In conclusion, it has retained the shape it has today.

Cono de Arita has a perfect shape on the salt throne, making it create the illusion of floating. However, the whole volcano is so mystical that it is as if it is not of this world.

Even though they are at an altitude of 4500 m, you will have the impression that you are still on the plain. But this is not just any plain. In other words, an area where you can see volcanic peaks in the distance. Near this place is the border with Bolivia. The time to visit is spring or autumn. Although frequent rainy periods usually prevail in summer. Though the journey is not easy, once you arrive you realize that it all paid off.


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