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Creepy Stories Kids told About Their Past Lives

Creepy Stories Kids told About Their Past Lives

What to do when kids start talking about Past Lives? Raising a kid is always a challenge but it also comes with a lot of laugh and fun. With all difficulties parents face with raising a child, kids always come up with something new to make it even worse. Sometimes parents don’t even know to laugh or cry.

It’s all normal and fine. However, is it normal for children to talk about their past lives? Did they hear that somewhere? Is it a joke? Nobody knows but it sure is creepy.

We bring 5 examples of these creepy stories;

  1. My daughter always talked about her imaginary friend when she was 3. She said that he is huge and really fun and he always plays with her. One day I was scanning old photos and a picture of my father was on the table. She saw the picture and asked where did I get a photo of her friend.

I was creeped out and I asked her to tell me more about this friend. She told that he talks funny and it just got me scared to death. My father was Australian and never lost his accent.

  1. My son once told me; “Mom when I was big and you were small, we were dancing in the kitchen.” The only person who was dancing in the kitchen with me was my grandfather.
  2. My 5-year-old daughter once told me that she was two times in the stomach. She told me that she died the first time before she came out but she came back. I lost the first pregnancy 8 months before I got pregnant again and we never told her that.
  3. Younger sister of my friend once told during the vacation; “I know this place, mom and I were taking pictures here.” Her mom said that she was never here. She told her; “No, my mom from before, we used to take pictures here.”

Everyone ignored this, thinking she was just messing around. After few days, the family discovered that that restaurant was actually an art studio 20 years back.

  1. My younger brother once told me when he was 3 or 4; “When I was grown up, I went to war and I didn’t come back.”


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