Home Celebrities David Beckham Earns a Huge Amount of Money

David Beckham Earns a Huge Amount of Money

David Beckham Earns a Huge Amount of Money

David Beckham earns a huge amount of money on the account of his name, and he makes new million-dollar deals. In recent times foreign media wrote about the financial problems of former Spice Girl and fashion designer Victoria Beckham. But it looks like her husband David doesn’t have such problems. According to some information he allegedly earns £ 50,000 per one day, and that’s only from his brand.

Specifically, all these earnings come from his companies Seven Global LLP, DB Ventures Limited, and Seven Global Holding Company Limited. Both these companies are selling products which bear the name of the football star.

Just if we look at earnings on the yearly basis, David Beckham last year recorded revenue of £ 17.4 million earned from the sale of perfumes, luxury watches, clothing, and footwear bearing his name. David Beckham is an international celebrity whose name becomes his life brand. And he knows how to use his name.


In recent times, David becomes the Maserati ambassador, he also shoots a promotional video. Not to mention, he will act in the Disney series as a mentor of a team of young footballers. Even for that, he signed a million-dollar contract.

If we look at Victoria’s fashion company, she has huge losses. The last one was more than 46 million pounds since its launch. And according to the last information, her debts are even bigger, and still, she doesn’t even know if she will be able to continue working. She starts her brand in 2008 when she designed a small collection of dresses. Shortly after that, she starts to make a lot of things. Now you can find bags, coats, shoes, fashion accessories. Even if she is in problems, she wants to continue with her business. She likes her job.


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