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Diamonds love alcohol, pearls don’t like perfumes

Diamonds love alcohol, pearls don’t like perfumes

Jewelry made of precious metals should be kept in boxes, and cleaned from time to time. For example silver can change the color after some time, it can oxidize. We can clean jewelry mechanically and chemically. You can find special liquids for them. Also, it’s good to know that silver will not react the same on every skin. Silver is very sensitive, while gold has better quality, specifically, it has more carats. The most sensitive pieces of jewelry are pearls and coral. Different cleaners can even change their color or even damage the top layer.

How to clean pearls?

The best way to clean pearls is with warm water, mild soap and they should be dried with a cloth. If you store pearl incorrectly it can be damaged because they are often glued, and the glue can melt. Also, perfumes can leave the mark on the surface of pearls, especially if we spray them constantly. As a matter of fact, pearls are not jewelry that is made to be worn constantly. They should be kept and taken out on special occasions. Pearls are super sensitive and that need the most care.

Cleaning gold and silver jewelry

Abrasive cleaners are a huge danger for jewelry, specifically for those made of precious metals. For that reason, it’s important to remove them when we are cleaning the house. We all know that toothpaste can clean them, but some of them can harm them. Specifically those with whitening granules. For that reason, it good to clean it with baking soda and your silver will shine. Not to mention that ideal for cleaning gold and silver jewelry are gentler liquid soaps and water. They will dissolve the grease which accumulates on the jewelry. Over some time gold can become darker, for that reason is important to protect them from outside influences.

Alcohol is good for diamonds?

You can refresh the diamonds with a little bit of alcohol which will melt the greasiness and make the stone shine.

What are the best way to store pearls and other jewelry?

If you storage the jewelry in an unpropriate way you can destroy it. Especially if they have hooks that can get stuck. ​Expert goldsmiths will help you with that, only they can put the stone in place so that it doesn’t disappear. Also, if your storage the jewerčy in a pile, this can cause serious damage. If you don’t have a velvet jewelry box, you can use plastic boxes. But, for more expensive pieces, it’s good to invest money in boxes.


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