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Disturbing reasons Holly Madison left Hugh Hefner

Disturbing reasons Holly Madison left Hugh Hefner

Holly Madison was dreaming about being like Marilyn Monroe, famous and glamorous. She started working as a waitress during her college in Los Angeles. She started going to parties in the Playboy mansion with girls who were already there. They were all really friendly and all wanted to meet her and everything was made to look really glamorous.

It looked like something she’s been dreaming of. Already the first night she went out with Hugh and the girls, Holly got really drunk. Hugh offered her some prescription drugs but she refused to take them. It turned out to be a preparation for the orgy that she walked into a few moments later.

Despite everything, Holly decided to join the girls in the mansion. She said that everyone judged her and thought she was a prostitute. She said that she was ashamed because of her decisions but she also thought it’s going to be just a temporary thing until she gets back on her feet.

How Holly Madison escaped the Playboy mansion


The fake glamour in the mansion was what shook her. All the girls were expected to behave in the way Hefner wanted. They had to be back in a mansion by 9 and they weren’t allowed to leave without permission – even for a family visit.

After some time, she felt stuck and unable to get out of the situation. Holly even developed suicidal tendencies. Holly thought that she was unhappy because she was jealous of other girls. However, after a while, she realized there was something behind it – Hugh Hefner’s manipulative behaviour.

Hefner wanted to be fought over and he wanted to feel special at all times. After few other girls left the mansion, Holly and Hugh have hit rock bottom. He tried to get her to stay by showing how much money would she get with his will. No matter what he offered, Holly decided to part ways with Hugh and get her well-deserved freedom.


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