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Do you dare to drive – the biggest roundabout

Do you dare to drive – the biggest roundabout

Biggest roundabout in the world … In other words, do you know where is the biggest roundabout of 4km? Here are some fun facts about a country that offers a lot. Like one of the biggest border crossings in the world between the two countries? Since a large number of Malaysians working in Singapore, they need to cross the bridge every day. In conclusion half, a million people using that crossing.

Although China and Japan are more attractive to many as a popular destinations, you would be surprised at what Malaysia has to offer. However, before traveling it is good to know a few fun facts. In other words, it is important to know the country.

For example, there must be light in the cinema. Since Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country, some rules are very strict. Furthermore, rarely you will see a man and woman sit together in a movie theater. In this case, if they are not married. Most are crazy about horror movies. Did you know that directors throw out the most horror movies a year?

Biggest roundabout in the world – City of Putrajaya

There is something most drivers don’t like very much, like a roundabout. For example, drivers in America prefer traffic lights. However, studies show roundabouts are 90% safer when it comes to traffic accidents. There are over 30,000 in France.

30 years ago, there was the idea of ​​a futuristic metropolis. For instance, Kuala Lumpur remains the capital. However, most government offices are moving to Putrajaya. The goal is for such a city to increase the number of technological investments. The roundabout is 3.5 km in diameter or 2.7. miles. Exists since 1999 when. It passes through the landmark of Istana Melawati. As well as Putra Mosque, Seri Perdana Complex.

The city inside the roundabout

Around the whole complex is Putrajaya’s thoroughfare. In other words, an ellipse passing by the prime minister’s office. Also city mosques as well as green domes. In the middle of the roundabout is a real little paradise. Putra Perdana Gardens is the highest point in the city.

There is also the royal palace for Muhammad V, the Malaysian monarch. The purpose of the palace is to allow him to escape from Kuala Lumpur. In the center of the park is also Mercu Tanda, as well as the most luxurious hotel in the city.


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