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Does Jennifer Aniston Become a Mother?

Does Jennifer Aniston Become a Mother?

The American actress, 50-year-old Jennifer Aniston is regularly in the spotlight due to rumors of pregnancy. Basically, from the peak of his career, and specifically when she was in the marriage with actor Brad Pitt this subject was one of the main topics in the media. Every now and then we can hear that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. So far, she hasn’t had children, but still, she isn’t unhappy in life. Many times she talks about this subject, and she said many times that she isn’t unhappy even if she still isn’t a mother. Although she certainly wants to have a child.

Finally, last week, Jennifer Aniston, on the set of a special episode of Friends announced that she would adopt a girl from the Mexican orphanage Casa Hogar Sion. However, she has been helping this orphanage for years. Finally, the adoption process should be complete in June.

Jen thought the reunion of the Friends team was the perfect time for such an announcement. Although the girls already knew, because they see each other regularly. She now wanted to tell the boys she rarely sees because of business commitments.

Everyone was thrilled with her decision and she already got a lot of parenting advice. Not to mention that Courteney Cox, one of Jennifer’s closest people, offered to organize a child-giving party. Jennifer Aniston married twice. The first time was for Brad Pitt in 2000, and after that to an actor, director, and screenwriter Justin Theroux. Unfortunately, she divorced, and some of you will say that she isn’t happy. But this baby girl will surely fulfill her.


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