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Don’t eat this for breakfast!

Don’t eat this for breakfast!

Low-fat yogurt, fruit juice, or processed cereals should never be on the menu because they have a lot of unhealthy sugars that cause disease. They call it the most important meal of the day, but many of them are making mistakes with breakfast. We are bringing you the most common mistakes which you make while you are choosing ingredients for your breakfast.

Cereal flakes for breakfast

Although many of you don’t know this, cereal is not a nutritious choice for a morning meal. Because of the label on the box, you may get the wrong impression of what is in the box. The production destroys the beneficial ingredients. That’s why this is a bad choice for breakfast because of the all bad ingredient they contain. To become more delicious, they need to add additives, as well as a bunch of sugar. When we calculate everything, you can eat cookies and you will eat less sugar.


In pancakes, we can find more proteins than in plain pastry. For that reason, they are not a good choice for breakfast. Specifically, because we need to add marmalade or chocolate spreads.

Bread and butter or margarine

Toast with margarine may seem like a good choice for breakfast because it contains no sugar. But it contains flour. In combination with fat, it will not saturate you. Also, it will increase your blood sugar level. Because of this, you will get hungry quickly.


These cookies are not a good choice for breakfast. The only healthy ingredient in them is eggs. If you choose muffins for breakfast, we would recommend that you make them for yourself at home from healthy ingredients.

Fruit juice for breakfast

Buying fruit juices is one of the worst choices you can make if you want to avoid hunger. They may contain very little fruit juice and too much sugar or corn syrup.

Energy bars

Purchasing granola’s and energy bars are not better than other chocolate bars. They contain very little fiber and have too little protein, and too much sugar and corn syrup. Which is a bad choice for a breakfast.

Low-fat yogurt for breakfast

A bowl of full-fat or Greek yogurt with berries is a great example of a healthy meal. But if you choose fat-free yogurt, such a meal is no longer on the list of the healthy. Many low-fat yogurts may contain more sugar than a serving of ice cream.


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