Home Fun Don’t imagine Lord of the Rings, live it – Hobbits town

Don’t imagine Lord of the Rings, live it – Hobbits town

Don’t imagine Lord of the Rings, live it – Hobbits town

Hobbits town or the Hobbiton movie set is one of the most famous locations in New Zealand. In addition, it is 8 km west of Hinuera. The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit made this place eternal. The tourist destination Tolkien offers a guided tour of the entire property.

Before the Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson had to find the perfect location. In other words, he needed a place to record the trilogy. Many of the film crew were happy with the hills. Furthermore, these hills really do look like holes where a mythical race once lived. The crew didn’t have much to do around field preparation. They were all already waiting ready.

Sheep farm

The basic geology of this area is a combination of gravel, sand, and silt. However, once it was a wetland area. In the 19th century, with the help of a drainage scheme, it became agricultural land. After the Alexander family moved to this area, livestock development began. Furthermore, 300 cattle and 13,000 sheep are a clear indicator of a successful business.

Hobbits town

If you are in love with the Lord of the Rings, you know what to do. For a start, you should first head to New Zealand. In other words, you have to find a way to Hobbiton. Even though this whole area was a movie set, now it’s a sheep farm again. However, all LOTR fans can be happy as there are still tourist tours.

A tour guide will take you through several places on the farm. Although the hobbit holes are fenced off from visitors, one is available for sightseeing. Even more, you will be able to see the Bag End tree. Although artificial it is still magnificent just like in the movie.


At the end of each tour follows a visit to the Green Dragon. In other words themed pub as well as the cafe. It is this place that fits perfectly into the world of the Hobbits. Everyone has the opportunity to enjoy cider and admire the rustic interior.

There really is something to see here. And if you want to feel the magic from the movie, why not do it right here. New Zealand is a country rich in natural resources. Therefore, many agree Peter made the best decision when decided to shoot it on this spot. This location will surely attract for many years to come.


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