Home Fun Don’t look down, just continue to walk – The Haiku stairs

Don’t look down, just continue to walk – The Haiku stairs

Don’t look down, just continue to walk – The Haiku stairs

The Haiku Stairs are a famous hiking trail on Oʻahu. Also, the long mountain range stretches to 3,922 steps. Even though Hawaii alone is enough, you should not ignore this attraction. Haiku comes from the Kahili flower. In 1942, U.S. Navy suppliers embarked on the construction of the Haiku radio station.

In other words a secret object for transmitting radio signals to naval ships. Furthermore, for the Navy to have the required antenna height, they deployed over a large area. The remains of a wooden ladder are still visible today. The radio station started operating in 1943. For a strong signal, the Navy needed a transmitter with greater capabilities.

In conclusion, they opted for an Alexanderson alternator. In other words, a huge device for generating strong low-frequency radio signals. After the base stop with operations, the U.S. Coast Guard used the site for the Omega Navigation System.

In the mid-50s, metal stairs replaced wooden ones. Furthermore, the trail and station were closed to the public in the 80s. Although the whole part was banned for the public, the city decided to make changes. Finally, the city took over the property intending to turn the trail into an attraction.

The Haiku stairs – Trip to heaven

Imagine the 40s and those Navy ships that needed a radio to transmit signals. In other words, they needed a transceiver that had to be tall. The solution was the top of Mount Puʻukeahiakahoe. At an altitude of 850 m, there is a building for communication between Haʻikū Valley and Wahiawā. They needed easy access to the building, and this was possible with a wooden ladder.

Miraculous stairs still exist. The volunteer group offers legal tours. Furthermore, you will be able to clean the rubbish. In conclusion, you will not only climb but you will help preserve the environment. Much of the stairs are rusty and extend through the strum line of the ridge.

The walk to the top of the mountain takes about 2 hours. Therefore when you reach the top there are two possible ways to hike. Vertical slope and fence as the only protection against falling… In other words, this place is not for everyone, but on the other hand, it provides a unique experience.


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