Home Lifestyle Don’t scream, this hand won’t harm you – Hercules temple

Don’t scream, this hand won’t harm you – Hercules temple

Don’t scream, this hand won’t harm you – Hercules temple

Hercules temple is really special. Just imagine the touch of an 1800-year-old hand. In other words, Hercules’ hand still lying in the Jordan. Huge fingers of a human hand are coming out of the ground. Furthermore, it seems like it will grab you. However, this is not a scene from a horror movie. It is a remnant of a former statue of the god Hercules.

Hercules is a character from mythology, the son of Alcmene and Zeus. Also, Alcmene was the most beautiful woman of the time. On the other hand, famous for her wonderful posture and graceful gait. Even though the gods loved Hercules, Hera was jealous the whole time. According to the gods, Hercules was to rule the kingdom of Perseus. He is best known for 12 scary tasks.

Hercules temple in Amman

The Temple of Hercules is one of Amman’s most famous sites. Furthermore one of the most important Roman buildings within the Amman Citadel. The width is 98x79ft or 30x24m, and the height is 10m. The temple was not completed because there are no additional pillars.

There are also traces of a stone statue in the area. Besides, the height of the statue was about 39 ft or 12 m. Probably it was destroyed during one of the great earthquakes. The temple is part of a sacred settlement on a large stone podium. Furthermore from that podium, one could observe all the others.

Is it the hand of God coming out of the earth?

Jordan has numerous places that are a valuable part of the historical heritage. Among them is the hand of God. In other words, Hercules’ hand coming out of the ground. On the hill above the old town of Amman is a famous archeological site. Also, the old temple dates from the second century as well as the Roman theater.

The huge human fingers attract the most attention. Furthermore, they look like they will grab you at any moment. However, this is probably just the rest of the statue of the god Hercules. All that is left of the former statue are just three fingers and a wrist. But where is Hercules? Even though many suspect an earthquake anything is possible. In the end no matter, this whole area remains one big mystery.


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