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Drink a Glass of Wine With Your Best Friend

Drink a Glass of Wine With Your Best Friend

Yes, you heard good, they invent the wine for your best friend. Drink a glass of wine with your dog is the best way to become even closer with him. Is not a secret that dog owners and their dogs are inseparable. They will eat together, practice and probably they will sleep together in the same bed Especially after listening to the story Stephen Fry Blue Gold. Now they can drink a glass of wine together.

One company first makes wine for cats (Pinot Meow and MosCATo) but they want to make something for dogs too. For that reason, they made a wine ZinFanTail and CharDOGnay. We know what you think, animals shouldn’t drink alcohol. And yes, we know that. For that reason in those wines, you will not find alcohol.

Can my best friend drink real wine?

We all know that wine is good for our health, but what is with our best friends and cats? Can dogs drink wine, and do they have the same benefits as we have? Many owners love to say that their dogs enjoy the wine. But it looks like wine isn’t so good for them. The main problem is the fact that dog livers aren’t built to process alcohol.

Your best friend won’t show that he has a problem with alcohol. But in the end, your dog can have serious health problems. In the same way, as they aren’t allowed to eat chocolate, they can’t drink wine. Grapes are poisonous for dogs, and some wine can have the same effect on them.

Luckily, dogs don’t like wine, and they will probably never drink too much wine. For that reason, you can buy them dog wine, and you can be sure that your best friend will be healthy and safe.


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