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Dylan McDermott Solved the Death Case

Dylan McDermott Solved the Death Case

Actor Dylan McDermott has solved the death case of his mother Diana who was killed by her boyfriend John Sponza when he was just five years old. However, Dylan McDermott, 59 years-old actors become famous with roles in a crime series like “ Justice for All”, and “Stalker” in which he was always on the side of the law.

And he managed to fight for justice in a real-life when he exposed his mother’s killer. Namely, when he was only five years old, his mother Diana passed away in mysterious circumstances. At that time she had a boyfriend, John Sponza. After her death, he claimed that she accidentally shot herself while she was cleaning a gun. At that time he was the only witness of her death because only he could hear this fatal shot.

After more than four decades, the actor manages to persuade the police to reopen the investigation. Because he wants to find out what actually happened to his mother. In 1966. everything was declared as an accident. It didn’t take them too long to gather enough evidence that the crime was committed by Sponza. After everything, they found out that he was also linked with an organized crime.

Unfortunately, Sponza couldn’t be able to serve his punishment because he was killed in 1972. They found his body in the trunk of the car, but finally, Dylan got his long-awaited ending. Finally, he is in the part of life when he can start processing everything. And finally, he can feel relief because he knows that his mother didn’t shoot herself.


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