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Elon Musk you are too late – First animals into space

Elon Musk you are too late – First animals into space

First animals into space showed anything is possible. One of the most famous animals ever for sure is the dog Laika. It was Laika who made history in 1957. However, she did not survive the space adventure.

Laika was a dog from the Soviet Union. As well as the first animal to orbit the Earth. The stray mongrel from Moscow has just become the most famous dog. She was the first passenger on the Soviet Sputnik 2 spacecraft. The spacecraft was launched into space on the 3rd of November in 1957.

For a long time now, billionaires Richard Branson and Elon Musk want to enable private space flights. In other words, while imagining the universe, some animals already did it. It all started in 1948 when the monkey Albert I first went into space. Its capsule flew about 60 km. However, Albert was never technically in space. Unfortunately, he did not return either.

Furthermore the following year another monkey went into space. On the other hand, Albert II flew 133km. But despite the efforts of the entire organization, he also failed to return to earth. If you think only monkeys and dogs got a chance, you’re wrong. In 1950, a mouse went into space. He climbed 140 km, but like the others, he did not find his way home. However in 1960 during one space mission, 42 mice managed to return to the starting point.

First animals into space – one of the first successful flights

After mice and monkeys, it was time for dogs too. In 1951 the Soviets sent Dezik and Tsygan. Both dogs successfully returned and stayed in a pet friendly hotel in Madrid. However, Dezik did not survive the second launch. Although the first attempts were unsuccessful, it was finally time for the space travelers to survive.

Able and Baker are monkeys who returned in the end. These are the first two primates to survive the flight. During the flight, they soared about 480 km. The Baker squirrel is another primate that has happily returned to earth. Strelka and Belka were more lucky than Lajka. Cats and pigs also went into space as well as spiders and frogs.


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