Home Celebrities Emily Ratajkowski – Millionaire Not Paying Rent?

Emily Ratajkowski – Millionaire Not Paying Rent?

Emily Ratajkowski – Millionaire Not Paying Rent?

Emily Ratajkowski and her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard are living in their NYC apartment rent-free since 2017. They haven’t paid a dime of their $5,000 rent to their landlord. The pair is holding a net worth of $18 million but they got out of paying monthly rent.

Thanks to legal loopholes in NYC’s 1982 Loft Law, the pair are living rent-free and the landlord can’t do anything about it. This law was made to protect struggling artists and low-income tenants from being evicted – but unfortunately, it’s abused by those who have millions.

This married couple is way far from struggling artists or low-income tenants. Their landlord reported that they owe around $120,000 in unpaid fees from their second floor. It seems like just a tiny bit of cash for these two millionaires.

Emily Ratajkowski and her husband owe $120,000

Lisa Galludet, the attorney for the owner explained what kind of law they try to abuse. The Loft Law was enacted in 1982 in order to regulate the growing number of illegal conversions of buildings that were used for manufacturing or commercial purposes into residential.

In short, it was made to protect people who were living in units that didn’t have permits. It targeted people with low income who struggle for living. So, how can then two millionaires get away with using this law?

The Loft Law requires tenants to pay the rent to the owner during the legalization process. However, if the owner misses the deadlines, then they don’t need to pay. By doing this, they will pressure the owner into the legalization process for the building. However, the deadlines are impossible to meet today.

Until the law is amended, the couple will be able to live there for free. The millionaire applied for the Loft Law so they can’t get evicted. He is able to pay his lawyers who protect him as he isn’t paying any rent, which is very convenient.


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