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Emma Stone Cruella – Are you afraid for those cute Dalmatians?

Emma Stone Cruella – Are you afraid for those cute Dalmatians?

Emma Stone Cruella, it’s hard not to guess at first what it’s all about. In other words, is a crime comedy by Tony McNamara and Dana Fox. This is the third adaptation of the book 101 Dalmatians. However, the first announcement for the film was in 2013. Preparation for the main part of the photos was three years later.

The premiere was in May 2021 with earnings of over $ 183 million. In other words one of the highest-grossing films in 2021. The film stars Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, John McCrea, Joel Fry. As well as Kayvan Novak, Paul Walter Hauser, Niamh Lynch, and many others.

Cruella – The story

The plot begins during the 70s in the middle of the punk revolution. The story follows Estella, the young con man. Furthermore, a girl who wants to show off her talent. One day she befriends a young thief.

All together they move on together wanting to build a better life in London. However, Estell’s sense of fashion is noticed by Baroness von Hellman. In other words fashion legend. It is this relationship that triggers a series of events that will eventually make Estella vengeful and evil.

After Estella meets thieves Horace and Jasper, ten years later the three of them barely survive. But everything starts to change when Estella bursts into the Baroness party disguised. Furthermore under the guise of Cruella steals a necklace. Unfortunately at that party, the baroness orders the Dalmatians to attack the thieves. However, Catherine, Estella’s mother, was killed. From that moment on, Estella moves on with revenge.

Emma Stone Cruella

Even though there were a lot of skeptics about this way of adapting, Emma Stone is great. Tony McNamara and Dana Fox differently portray a character everyone loves to hate. Furthermore, there are no many who didn’t watch the classic Disney at least once. Cruella de Vill has always been one of the biggest villains.

However, as times change, so does the way movies are made. Although the main character has extreme methods it will be hard to hate her. Even more in this film it all comes to this, not everything is black and white. Emma did a great job as the main character.

Furthermore many find a link to the movie The Devil Wears Prada. In other words, the relationship between Miranda and Andie. In this movie, those are Emma Thompson a Baroness. Also Estella as Cruela. Finally, Emma is certainly most responsible for the good reviews.

No matter how much someone likes or dislikes a movie, you have to admit it’s nice to watch favorite negative once again. Maybe not such a harmless negative, but certainly one of the craziest.


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