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Eternal Love: You Have no Right to Divorce Here

Eternal Love: You Have no Right to Divorce Here

If we tell you that in the world you can find two countries where you can’t divorce, you probably wouldn’t believe it. But yes, those countries exist. Someone will think that we are talking about some small islands in the Pacific. But you would surprise.

Those are two well-known countries. In the first one, the ban is logical because we are talking about the Vatican. The Vatican is specific in many ways, so we can’t even count this country. But what is happening in the Philippines? Find out before you fall in love on your next trip.

Until death separates us

After World War II, divorce in the Philippines is simply forbidden. The family is the sanctuary and the pillar of society that everyone needs to preserve. This is their way of saving the marriage. If they legalize divorcing, this will disrupt the social order and will weaken the institution of marriage.

Today, they have a lot of problems where we can see a poor woman who suffers from domestic violence. Also, there is so many woman’s who want to start a new life and have freedom of choice. If you are living in the Philippines, you can only hope for an eventual annulment of the marriage. But for this procedure, you will need to meet a number of criteria. Also, you will need to wait for years and this will cost you a lot.

There is a possibility to live separately, but you will share your property, but still, they will stay in the marriage. Even if you divorce outside of the state you will face complications after you return to the country.

The only group of society that is allowed to divorce is Muslims. According to their religious law have the right to divorce from their spouse. However, finally, start the initiative for bringing the law who will allow them divorce for all those too unfortunate newly-weds. All this brings a lot of debates in the country.

Many Filipinos are for the divorce, but while the Catholic Church, conservatives, and right-wing parties are dissatisfied with the idea. For sure in the future, we will see what will happen in the Philippines.


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