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Facts about the Crown – Wait, no one wanted to play Prince Andrew?

Facts about the Crown – Wait, no one wanted to play Prince Andrew?

Facts about the Crown will reveal some interesting details. The Crown is a historical television series by Peter Morgan about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Filming was across the UK, as well as overseas. However, no matter how popular the series is, there are details that will surprise you in the least.

The series has numerous accolades for directing and acting. Even though there are a lot of historical inaccuracies, especially in the fourth season. More actors changed throughout the series. Furthermore, Claire Foy played the queen for the first two seasons. On the other hand, Olivia Colman takes over the role in the third and fourth seasons.

Facts about the Crown – Lady Diana

Emma Corrin wasn’t happy with her interpretation of Princess Diana. Furthermore, Peter Morgan wanted to show the princess’s health problems. In other words, he wanted to show her problem with bulimia. According to Peter, this would help show the complex character of the late princess. Even more, these problems indicate why she was one of the most sensitive people. In conclusion why she was so good to others.

Did Matt Smith really have a higher salary than Claire Foy?

Even though Claire played the queen, Matt was getting more money. However, the pay gap came because of the actor’s popularity while he was Dr. Who. Furthermore, production company Left Bank Pictures apologized to the actors for the pay gap. Claire had to wear a corset during the filming of her first season, as she was pregnant at the time. Finally, the corset helped her later to maintain an improved posture. It took several weeks to make a replica of the royal wedding dress.

The cast supported Harry and Meghan

After the queen agreed with the decision to leave the young couple, they were also supported by the actors of the famous series. Even more many said they are a talented couple who did not need the royal family for success.

Facts about the Crown – Who will play Prince Andrew

Although the producers deny the problems, it’s clear they couldn’t easily find an actor for the role of Andrew. Furthermore many speculate that no one didn’t want to play the prince because of his involvement in a pedophile scandal. After all, Andrew is the most unpopular member of the family.

Who is the only American actor in the series

John Lithgow is the only American in the British series about royal family. In other words, John portrayed Winston Churchill. John did his best to credibly portray the historical figure. Even more, Lithgow often put cotton in his nose to have as similar a voice as Winston.


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