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Famous couple back together after 17 years?

Famous couple back together after 17 years?

Jenifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spend a lot of time together. And world media start to talk that famous couple is back together. They spend a romantic week in the luxury skiing resort in Montana. This is the second time in more than a week that we saw this couple together.

Ben and Jen were together in the Big Sky in Montana. For Ben, this place is very special. Some people saw them, and they say that they were very happy. In the photos from one newspaper, we can see the famous couple in the car. They make the photography of them at the moment when they went toward the plane. We can also hear some rumors that Affleck visits Lopez a couple of times in her house in LA.

In recent times, Jennifer broke up with his fiance Alex Rodriguez. They make a statement together where they said that they work better as friends. In the future, they will support each other in the together projects. In the first place, they want the best for each other and their children.

Their relationship was in crisis after J.Lo find out that Alex corresponded with other women. Jennifer obviously couldn’t get over it. It looks like Affleck just waited for the opportunity because right after a break up he wants to win his ex. In recent time he said that she looks amazing.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck met in 2002 on the set of “Gigli.” At the time, Lopez was married to her second husband, Chris Judd. They should be married on September 14, 2003, but they canceled everything just four days before the ceremony. Affleck could not cope with all media attention. In the end, this famous couple breaks up in 2004, but it looks like they decided to give another chance to this love after 17 years.


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