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Fatal Seventh Year in a Relationship: Stay or Give Up?

Fatal Seventh Year in a Relationship: Stay or Give Up?

These are the main things why long relationships usually break up. Surely you know someone whose relationship fell apart after 5, 10, or 15 years. But what are the reasons that can ruin such a long relationship?

1. Lack of sex in a relationship

No, sex is not the most important thing, but it is a very important part of the relationship. Once the passion and intimacy are gone, it’s hard that you will stay in a relationship.

2. Financial problems in a relationship

It’s nice to be with someone who is with you no matter what. But the main problem for many relationships is income. Not having enough money can be a huge problem. Someone can be too stingy, someone can spend too much money, or you can spend money on the wrong things. All in all, when it comes to finances, we are all particularly sensitive.

3. The child as a solution to the problem

Many couples think that when everything goes wrong, the child will fix everything. But this is wrong, staying in a bad relationship because of the child can only bring problems.

4. Bad communication

Long relationships require hours and hours of quality conversation that will motivate both of you. Only like that everything will lead to a solution to the problem. If one person is quiet, everything will move in the wrong direction. 

5. Lack of compromise in a relationship

Communication between you can be excellent, but if there is no will to compromise, things will not work. In this situation, this will work until the one person will have enough patience to ignore their own desires and interests.

6. Cheating in a relationship

Cheating doesn’t need necessarily lead to a break-up. But, once the trust is lost, it’s difficult to continue the relationship. You will always have the same question, will this person cheat you again.

7. Insufficient common interests

We all know that opposites attract, but after a couple of years, it is important to have common interests. These are minor things that can be dealt with for example in an english speaking psychologist in Málaga and can be discussed and solved.

8. Completely messy life

Some people show their true face only after a while. If a person does not want to share responsibilities or anything else regarding the relationship, it is a matter of time when everything will break down. 


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