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Genesis X – a New Concept of Electrical Cars

Genesis X – a New Concept of Electrical Cars

Genesis X is a Korean automaker who caught the attention of the American market in no time. They could be a serious competition for Tesla. We discover more about their plans and business strategy.

Genesis X concept

Genesis X just came out as a concept of distinctive design, that really catches the attention. The fifth concept of this brand continues with their signature two stripes of front lights, which spread to the sides of the car.

It’s a perfect example of sports elegance and this could be one of the most ambitious projects in this fresh company. This design should be a basis of all upcoming models, explains the owner and director of the company, SangYup Lee.

What’s new?

A lot of things is new and one of them is an integrated front lid and fender in one curved surface. However, that move probably won’t be seen in production for obvious reasons. The front design of electrical vehicles is specially designed for aerodynamics and cooling of the battery.

As this company is doing its best to make cars eco-friendly, this car has to be a perfect example. Eve the exterior paint is inspired by nature, the park in Lençóis Maranhenses, which is a unique place where sand dunes are surrounded by water.

Interior is designed especially for the driver – to enjoy the ride as much it’s possible. The entire concept of the vehicle is beautiful and every car lover couldn’t wait for this to come out. However, it seems that this concept won’t go through production after all.

This is one more time when they got over-hyped about the project and then realized it can’t be done to that extent. The company didn’t say anything about the engine or give out any specifications. We are all still hoping that after all, this car will be pushed into production.


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