Home Celebrities Ghislaine Maxwell Serving her time in Prison

Ghislaine Maxwell Serving her time in Prison

Ghislaine Maxwell Serving her time in Prison

Ghislaine Maxwell is a British Socialite and ex-girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein. We all know the story of Jeffrey Epstein and his unsettling kingdom of child sex trafficking. As he was linked with many celebrities and people in very powerful positions, he probably didn’t see any other option but to kill himself – on his first day in prison.

Well, if we consider what was waiting on him in prison, death was probably the better option. However, his ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine was just as guilty as Epstein. She was actually the one who would find and groom these little girls for Epstein.

Ghislaine Maxwell unhappy with Prison terms

Ghislaine is closed into solitaire where she can’t have contact with anyone but her lawyer. She is also under constant surveillance by a camera which tracks her movements and four guards. Being shut down in one little room with no natural light and only one concrete bed and toilet is nothing in comparison to what she did to those young girls.

However, she still feels no guilt and is unhappy about the terms. The water that is given in the prison is brown and the food is a microwaved sludge. So, she wrote numerous letters to the judge, complaining about the conditions.

She reported that she is sick and needs special care and that the pipes smell really bad and need to be fixed. Despite her claims, guards reported that the bad smell is because she isn’t flushing her toilet.

Ghislaine Maxwell is sinking deeper as all of the victims that survived have stood up and told their story. One even shared that she had to have a ‘reconstructive surgery’ to appear virgin for a high-profile client.

That is just one of the horrors she helped to happen. Ghislaine also tried to flee and started creating a new identity to disappear. Luckily, she was caught and taken into custody before she managed to run away.


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