Home Celebrities Harry Styles quiz – Are you a real fan?

Harry Styles quiz – Are you a real fan?

Harry Styles quiz – Are you a real fan?

You maybe know his songs but how well do you know Harry? On other words it’s time to test your knowledge with the Harry Styles quiz!

1. What is the birthplace of Harry Styles?


2. What is his middle name?


3. What year was Harry Styles born?


4. Who is the oldest member of One direction?


5. What foreign language does Harry speak?


6. Which song he sang on at the first X Factor audition?


7. What is the name of the bakery where Harry used to work?


8. Which of the following songs is not from Harry?


9. What movie did Harry star in?


10. Which of these songs by Ariana Grande is also signed by Harry Styles?


Harry Styles quiz – How much do you know the former One Direction singer

Before becoming a freelance artist he was in one of the popular bands. Furthermore, the band sold over a million records. However after a solo career, Harry proved to be a singer as well as an actor. Growing up he was in the White Eskimo band. He joined the group in high school and has appeared in several TV shows.

One of the biggest role models for Harry was Shania Twain, a famous country singer. Furthermore, his mother often played her songs. However growing up he loved listening to Norah Jones, Fleetwood Mac. As well as Elvis Presley, The Beatles.

When he was seven, his parents divorced. The mother remarried Robin Twist who later died of cancer. In addition as a child, he often sang at karaoke. Even more, the first song he sang was Girl of My Best Friend by Elvis Presley.

Harry was in several TV shows

One Direction was a guest on iCarly called iGo One Direction. Styles played himself in the episode. This singer pretended to be sick to get Carly’s attention. In addition famous boy was also on Saturday Night Live several times.

Harry Styles wrote songs for other famous musicians

Besides Ariana Grande, there are other musicians. For example, he was on one of Michael Bublé’s albums. Furthermore Harry is also the author of the song Someday with Meghan Trainor.

Harry was the face of Gucci Brand

This singer has one of the largest collections of suits. Even more, many of them have a Gucci signature. Led by Alessandro Michele, he introduced Harry to the fashion campaign. In conclusion the campaign was filmed in north London. With the touch of the 70s.

The first man on the Vogue cover

In 2020 Harry was on the cover of a famous magazine. Furthermore was the first solo man on the cover of a recognized magazine.

Harry Styles quiz – What is his favorite movie

Harry loves the most romantic movies, especially Notebook. However maybe that’s why the track starts with the verse Woman…

Harry Styles quiz – How many tattoos are there

Like most other singers Harry also has a large number of tattoos. In other words over 40, including a mermaid on his left hand. Beside mermaid, there are several other famous tattoos. These are a butterfly on the torso and a pair of swallows on the chest. However if there is anything else about your favorite singer, you have time to check it out!


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